Winning Pick 4 Lottery Numbers – Pick 4 Triples Satta Matka

Pick 4 Triples are the highest paying Pick 4 Box group numbers in this Lottery game. The Pick 4 Lottery player can feel great when hitting a Pick 4 Triple “Boxed”. The payout for one $1 investment is generally $1200. It is important to have some kind of knowledge and strategy when it comes to playing for a Pick 4 Triple to come in.

I encourage Pick 4 Lottery players when going after a “Triple” to play the Pick 4 triple number multiple times “boxed”. This eliminates the possibilities of missing a “straight” winning triple by having one of the other three straight forms drawn. Matka For example, if you were playing for 1112 to come in Straight, and you invest your money solely on this straight form, and the 1211 comes in, you win nothing! Or worse yet, you lose $5,000.

But if you play the 1112 Box, you cover all four forms…1112, 1211, 1121, 2111. To play the minimum possible Box dollar amount…..possibly at fifty cent level 8 times ($4), one wins $600 for each of the eight.50 tickets for a total of $4800. This compares favorably to the single $1 Straight Win of $5000.

The advantages are many for doing it this way…

(1) In most States, at this minimum level, you can go back to the retailer and cash the ticket (providing they have the money available) and receive the full $600 cash.

(2) It provides you with a slush “ATM” fund with instant withdrawals of $600 each time you need the money (make sure you keep your winning tickets in a secure, safe place that you remember).

(3) It is there, in case of any major emergency….car repair, major appliance break down.

(4) You can use it to pay your monthly bills or mortgage payments.

(5) If you want to take a weekend getaway…there’s no worry about the budget….the monies are there.

(6) You can refill your Pick 4 lottery investment pool.

But let’s say you missed hitting the triple that was just drawn in your Pick 4 Lottery (it wasn’t on your radar screen); instead of being upset look to future opportunities that can possibly play off this Pick 4 triple. Sometimes a triple is a “Strong Triple”. It’s like a politician, who has long coattails; it brings other Pick 4 Wins along with it.

The lottery is very unique in that millions of people play it each and every day. The more people that are involved, the higher the payout. This is great because people that actually know how to play the lottery have a very good chance of hitting it big.

To pick the right numbers, you have to learn how to play the math game. You have to know the history of the game, what sequences have risen, and what will come next. Here are some ways to do this.

The first way is by writing down all of the winning numbers for the game you are playing. After about two weeks, you will see a pattern. Notice what all of the numbers add up too, notice which number comes first. After a few weeks, a pattern will emerge. When this happens, you need to be there at the right time.

Next, take the time to play the lottery each and every day. If you are not playing, you are not going to win. Also, don’t always go for your good luck numbers. Even though you think they are lucky, they may not go with the mathematics of the lottery.

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